“Darkness canno…

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

As a teacher of English Language Arts I’m always looking for interesting ways to look at the world with my students.  The following is an example of a bellwork exercise, where we analyze quotes.  I have my students do three things with the quote in the 10 minute opening of class:

1.Paraphrase the quote
2.Do you agree with this quote or not – provide an example to support your rationale
3.Draw an image of either the quote or what you wrote about

Here is my response to the above quote by Martin Luther King Jr.:

1. You must love your enemy, not hate them – rise above hatred.

2. I agree with Martin Luther King Jr. because love is more powerful than hatred in the fact that we all come from love – god’s love (whatever god you believe in), our mother’s love, our family’s love, our love for ourselves.  I find the people who are mean are missing some vital connection with love, and I want to love them more.  I want to show the mean ones what love is and how to share it.

3.  AdobePhotoshopExpress_2013_02_07_10_45_04

6 thoughts on ““Darkness canno…

  1. 1. Darkness leads to death. Light leads to life. Hate leads to death. Love leads to life.
    2. I agree with the quote because if you walk into a darkened room and you switch on the light, the light drives the darkness out. Love is like that where there is hatred if love is bought into the room, love has the potential to drive out the hatred.
    3. If I was to draw something, it would be a darkened room with a bright light invading the darkened space. Or, maybe a black heart with a white heart brightening it.

    Cool lesson!

    • It’s totally ok to steal any activity I post on here 🙂 Thanks! I made this up as a sort of variation of a Kaplan class – you could even have students fold their papers into 4s and write the quote in one box, paraphrase in another box, and the final two boxes are the paragraph and drawing 🙂

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