Slice of Life 1 of 31

Yea, my first post is not so great now that I missed it!  I apologize!  I have a lot going on and I should have checked my phone for the reminder telling me to write and post yesterday March 1.  I am finishing my MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) at UCF (University of Central Florida), as well as working as a full time ELA (English Language Arts) educator, and I’m currently a historian for PCCTE (Polk County Council of Teachers of English), so I was sorting and judging poems from around our district this week.  My first post is more of an introduction to why I am writing this and participating in the challenge albeit late!  (You have no idea how bad I feel for posting late, and for forgetting!)

That being said I am currently enrolled in an MAT class for teaching writing to students in grades 6-12.  Part of this class requires me to participate in some online blogging experience – the Slice of Life individual challenge being one of those blogging options.  I am excited to see how this works and to explore your writing.  As I am doing the daily challenge for March I was thinking of posting all kinds of writing: About teaching/ELA, to creative writing, or sometimes brainstorming and ramblings, like this one.



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