Slice of Life 10 of 31

Below is a found poem I created using the Verses Poetry app, available on some smart phones/tablets.

Found poetry is a great activity for students to explore the language and concepts from passages, or novels they have read. Found poems can also be created with word banks generated on a topic from a class discussion.

Found Poem

You real 
like moonlight

twice light.
 Full funny
 she’d say:
six sank
 secret, nine times.

He blinked, knowing possible

yawning editions of his

broken, uncorked changes

driving Route Seventeen,

plainly grumbled, why her.


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life 10 of 31

  1. Thanks for: Sharing a great app! Making me giggle with the line “plainly grumbled, why her” – I’m sick, so I’m allowed to giggle in inappropriate moments, I think. And it made me think of the moment a guy realizes he’s fallen for a girl he just never wanted to feel that way for. And, visiting my blog! 🙂
    And thanks for sharing your Slice. 😀

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