Slice of Life 9 of 31

For Adrienne Rich

When I found her words
I was broken and
shattered into pieces
by me and men, and
our promises forgotten.

When I read her words
they seeped into my
heart, one by one, and
slowly she healed me,
soothing my memory

and replacing my
cowardice with womanly
bravery.  I dove with
her into the wreck, and
the pieces of me once lost
I found in her words,

like lifesavers
thrown out to me in the
depths, and they
kept me from sinking.

Her words are magick.
She told herstory
so women like you and
me could surface from
the wreckage of history.


10 thoughts on “Slice of Life 9 of 31

  1. There’s nothing like an honest, personal focus to draw a reader into a poem (or any other piece, of course). I really like the way you manage line breaks to create emphasis; love the off-rhyme sound connection of memory-womanly-bravery. Great piece! 🙂

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