Slice of Life 12 of 31

Gardening with Pomegranates!

The high school where I teach had a plant sale this weekend, as we are very close by to endless fields and groves of countryside our school has agriculture classes. Students get to raise farm animals and grow plants from seed, and some of these plants were in the plant sale. I bought four tomato plants for .50c each and have repotted them today after the rain ended.

I also stumbled across a pomegranate bush that I fell in love with and purchased. I love pomegranates, especially their juice. I remember my mum giving me a sewing pin to pick the jellied seeds out of their shell one by one. Pomegranates are from the Middle East, so they do best in hot, dry climes, but Florida has several pomegranate orchards and they produce fantastic crops. Check out this farm in Florida specializing in pomegranates: Green Sea Farms. Iโ€™m going to plant mine in a beautiful terra-cotta pot and place it in the sun.


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life 12 of 31

  1. I like to think of your pomegranate tree in its terra-cotta pot in the sun. Pomegranates are a symbol of abundance and generosity… There is probably a poem in there somewhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰ -Marika

  2. Already killed the 2 plants destined for our hydroponic garden for a grant I wrote for the cafeteria…I picked them up Saturday and they died by today.

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