Slice of Life 14 of 31

18-Wheeler Semi Adventure!

When I was 24, I knew a husband and wife driver team who were driving because they wanted to see the country and be paid for it.  They were drivers for 2 years, then quit.  I was lucky enough to go with them on one of their ‘tours’ of America for 3 weeks in their 18-wheeler semi!  The route we took had the following stops, as well as many quick stops on the way to these places:

We started in Florida
Then back to Florida

Some of the most memorable things I experienced on this trip in the order I saw them were:

The Mississippi River
Mammoth Cave, KY
Amish folk selling and trading wares
The hills of Pittsburg
The fields of Iowa
Cherokee, IA
The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range
Yosemite National Park
The giant sequoia Grizzly Giant
Napa Valley
The Pacific Ocean
A big tire blow out in AZ
The buttes in New Mexico and the red earth
World’s largest crucifix in Texas
The cornfields of Oklahoma
The Bayous of Louisiana and the Southern Express hospitality


16 thoughts on “Slice of Life 14 of 31

  1. Lists are a great free-association exercise that can create brushstrokes of impression for a reader and allow them to connect the dots. A really clear, effective way to take your reader on a trip and allow them to fill in the images themselves. Sometimes the most basic structures are the most powerful, and deceptively complex. Nice! 🙂

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