Slice of Life 15 of 31

Mumphrey Cat

My cat, Mr. Mumphrey, is my best friend.  I rescued him from a no kill shelter in California, in San Mateo County.  He’d been at the shelter for nearly 4 months when I got him.  Mumphrey is a Domestic Short Hair neutered male who looks part Egyptian Mau with an American Shorthair twist, which is fancy for saying a grey tabby cat.  I think Mumphrey is part Mau because of his green almond eyes, the bold and broken chains around his neck, and the markings near his eyes.  The Egyptian Mau is thought to be the oldest breed of domesticated cats, and only royalty kept them.  The American Shorthair breed came over from England with sailors and immigrants.  Apparently, sailors kept cats on board to take care of the rats and to stop disease from spreading.

Due to Mumphrey coming from a colder climate than Florida, as San Mateo County is in Northern California near San Francisco, he has three layers of cat fur!  He is grey, silver, and fawn with charcoal grey markings.  Mumphrey loves Florida – he loves the heat and watching lizards.  I walk him like a dog on a leash everyday and he uses the bathroom outside.  I rescued Mumphrey when he was 2 years old, he’s now 7.  He doesn’t have a tail because he lost it in a fight with a raccoon before I got him.  He is very grateful I rescued him, and he is a snuggly cat that gives me lots of love.  He means a lot to me, and I’m grateful I found him.

mumphs and his food bowl mumphur chillin




5 thoughts on “Slice of Life 15 of 31

  1. Love your cat pictures! We are a cat family. My daughter subscribes to Cat Fancy. Shocking to think there is a full-time magazine devoted to cats…mostly just pictures.

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