Slice of Life 18 of 31

Mince Pies

Yesterday (Sunday) I got to attend a huge family dinner created by mum baking quiches, pasties, cherry pie, apple pie, mince pie, roasted chickens, and constructed salads. The dinner was for my dad’s best friend and his wife, who arrived from Liverpool yesterday.  They bought the house next door to my parents, so they will be starting to visit more often. I haven’t seen them for 3 years, it was lovely to sit and eat a wonderful dinner and catch up.

During dinner mum sat next to me, and halfway through she leaned in and whispered: “I also baked a small mince pie.” My eyes grew wide and I sucked my breath in loudly and replied: “Ooooo thank you!” Mince pie is a British dessert and is a winter season treat, so I felt very lucky to taste such a dish in spring. I love mince pies so much that I want to eat them all year round, not just winter.

Mince pie is not meat. It is a cured dried fruit mixture (almost like a jelly) that my mum opens up and pours in brandy. She seeps the fruit mixture in brandy for several months before baking with it, and o my! I love it so much. One of the loveliest things about mince pies is that they come with folklore – it is said that for however many mince pies you bake and donate to friends is how many months of good luck you’ll receive in the coming year. I think the sentiment is true because if you give you also receive.



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