Slice of Life 19 of 31


I first started growing tomatoes three years ago when I came back to Florida from an extended stay in New Mexico. By mistake I planted 6 baby tomato plants in one big pot and they turned into a ginormous tomato plant! I named him Tommy and we ate his fruit for many months. As he was my first tomato plant I tried to keep him alive after his yield had turned, so I nurtured him for an entire year.

Eventually I had to say goodbye to Tommy, and stopped growing tomatoes in the hot season – as tomatoes grow in temperatures ranging from 70-80 F degrees. If it’s too cold or too hot tomato plants will not produce fruit. They are also annuals in the fact that their fruit is gross after a year – but technically a tomato plant will live for many years, which means really they’re perennials.

This year, as mentioned last week, I bought my tomato plants from the high school where I work. This weekend I planted the remaining tomatoes in a huge pot with a gigantic tomato cage that looks like a radio tower! The two plants looked lost in such a huge pot, so on Monday I bought two more tomato plants from school and planted them in the big pot too. Now I have 6 tomato plants growing for this year and I can’t wait to eat their sweet fruit!



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