Slice of Life 21 of 31

Traveling Thursdays

I’ve taken 6 major road trips in the United States – major in the sense they involved visiting more than 5 states.  My total for road trips in the U.S is 12 – the other 6 are road trips under 1,000 miles.  Last week I wrote about my first major American road trip on an 18 wheeler semi!  This week I’m going to write about a summer road trip that lasted 3 months.  It was the summer of 2006, I turned 29 that year, and I was a college junior taking summer online classes to become a senior for the fall semester.  My online classes allowed me to travel for 3 months in the summer and still graduate in the following spring.

I was dating a guy who was a chef.  He made his own business – a traveling food vendor for all kinds of events.  He was of Italian descent so he specialized in American Italian food from pasta dishes, to meatball subs.  This guy also happened to love live music, and lo and behold so do I, so in the summer of 2006 we traveled around the U.S serving food at live music festivals!  ShineFest was our first stop in North Carolina, then came a series of events like street fairs, and bead shows in Wisconsin, where we stayed for 6 weeks.  During this time I went to Chicago and got to know the city a little bit as we were staying in Burlington.  It was a great summer – so much fun – it was fantastic!  Please don’t stereotype me just because I went to some music festivals in 2006! That was 11 years ago, and 4.5 years before I became a  teacher.   Also please note that I don’t go to music shows or festivals of any kind anymore – it Has been 7 years  since I saw any live music.



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