Slice of Life Tuesdays

First I want to give a shout out: I’m so grateful for Dr. Scanlon, and her amazing research in the field of teaching that she was able to connect me to the Two Writing Teachers writing community – Thanks Dr. Scanlon!

Now that summer is here I have time to write, and want to share my writing and explorations on a writing community such as Slice of Life.  Summer is a great time for teachers to relax and reflect on the past school year, and while I’m relaxed with less stress on my plate I’m still pretty busy.  Now is the time for me to keep researching great teaching tools, lesson plans, books to share, ideas, as well as participate in professional development that is fun!  This summer I’m heading to the Clarice Smith National Teacher Institute hosted by the Smithsonian Museum of Art in Washington D.C!  I’m super excited about it, and know I will learn a great deal about using art in the English Language Arts classroom.  I think the major reason visual art is such a powerful teaching tool is because the majority of students are visual learners.  Using art allows all students to get involved especially ELLs who have a limited vocabulary, but can connect with material through viewing art and making art.

I want to blog about teaching more so than my personal life, but the daily Slice of Life in March was more of an experiment in initially writing everyday, and was a break from my constant thoughts about teaching during a swamped month of work and graduate work.  I’m thinking of adding pages to this blog about teaching specifically, or perhaps create a completely separate blog just about my teaching experiences, ideas, book shares, and lesson plans?  The reason for adding pages to this blog is because on Slice of Life I get some sort of exposure – whereas a new blog about just teaching I don’t know of a community to share it on that generates readers and comments like Slice of Life.

While researching I have found two websites that have a community of conversation and sharing teaching ideas: English Companion on Ning created by Jim Burke, and Learnist which is like a Pinterest, which can focus on teaching and education specifically.

Hope you all are having a great summer!